Ex affluenti

 You employ me as the manager of your daily affairs,
 I whisper to you                  my advice is abundant,
 I am reality                         to ensure your success.
 With my images you point, blend, fit, mold and work,
 I am out of life                    let me charm you.

 Let me propel you from the unconscious to the virtual,
 I call to you                              raise the magic cane,
 I am hyperreality                      to praise myself.
 With my colors you paint, lighten, stress and embellish,
 I am out of phantasy                 let me enchant you.

 But, but, it’s my ancient race, I reject logical treatment,
 I absolutely oppose                     architectural designs,
 I am flexible                               I jump across realities.
 Conceptions are distilled, served at a magician’s factory,
 Look at me                                 I am sensual.

	      Udo Frentzen 2022